Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Travel Journal: Yogyakarta (Jogja)

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Yogyakarta, derived from Yogya meaning “suitable, fit, proper”, and karta, “prosperous, flourishing” (i.e., “a city that is fit to prosper”) is named after the Indian city of Ayodhya from the Ramayana epic. And we (my wife and I) were here for a short visit. Yogyakarta has a very special history, it was the centre of a refined and sophisticated Javanese …

Road trip, South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand Road Trip: South Island

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(This is part II of my New Zealand road trip entry. It covers the South Island of this picturesque country. For my north Island adventures, please see here) fter the end of our sojourn on the North Island, we departed from windy Welli (Wellington is very Windy, hence the name!) via the Interislander – Kaitaki ferry, with our rental car on …

North Island map, New Zealand

New Zealand Road Trip: North Island

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(The New Zealand road trip entry is broken down into two parts: North and South Island. This entry is for the the north Island. For South Island, please see here) fter months of preparation and planning, we (my wife and I) were finally in Maori land! The road trip was a year in the making, I had looked for tickets …

Vang Vieng, Vieng Tara, Laos, Nam Song, hot air Baloon


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‘Sabidee’ (‘Hello’ in Lao) is how we were greeted everywhere in The Jewel of Mekong: Laos. After shelving plans to visit Laos early in 2014 (after having booked flights! well it was conflicting with my best friend’s wedding!), it was pure chance that a friend mentioned of cheap fares to Laos and I had my flights booked to spend my …

sojourn in Langkawi, Malaysia, Andaman Sea, Singapore

Sojourn in Langkawi

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Four of us went down to Langkawi over a weekend in August’14. After what turned out to be a very hectic week for all four (ah well one of the PhDs with us had a hectic week too! :P), everyone reached Changi airport on time to catch the flight out of Singapore. The idea was to get out and have a relaxed …

Tea Estates, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Weekend Getaway: Cameron Highlands

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A bunch of us decided to go down to Cameron Highlands over a weekend, mid-June’14 for a quick, short and sweet weekend trip. We took the overnight Konsortium coach to Cameron Highlands on late Friday evening and were in Cameron Highlands around 9 in the morning on Saturday. Cameron Highlands is situated mid-north within the Peninsular Malaysia, 580 kms from Singapore. The hill station …